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Random Reef

Mark B

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Random Reef Creature

Yellowtail Wrasse

Yellowtail Wrasse
(Anampses Meleagrides)

Fish > Wrasse

Reef Safe? yes
for tanks over 60 gallons



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Reef StatisticsTrack Your Reef Stats

ReefSpace profiles give you the perfect place to keep track of your reef stats and parameters. You can keep track of everything from water params, to the number of different species that you have in your tank. Share your reef statistics with other reefers, helping to provide a benchmark for other people in the hobby!

Reef StatisticsShare your Images

You can upload as many images as you want to your profile, we have absolutley no restrictions. ReefSpace profiles are the perfect place to store all of the photos you have of your reef and its inhabitants. Help us to build a versatile visual resource for the rest of the reefing community to share!

Reef StatisticsBrowse Beautiful Reefs

When you are not updateing your own profile, or if you are just here for a look around, take some time to look through other users pages. You will find plenty of inspiration as you browse through other users reefs. Most information on a reefspace profile is public, so you can really see what is going on with other users tanks.


Reef Aquarium Parameters

Reef Aquarium ParametersUnderstanding the water parameters in you home aquarium is one of the most, if not the most important factor in maintaining a healthy system for your fish. There are a variety of different parameters to monitor in a reef aquarium, but this article is just going to concentrate of the core levels which you need to maintain.

Having a solid understanding of the different Reef Aquarium Parameters will enable you to produce a thriving marine environment, which is a joy to behold, and a safe and healthy place to live for your salty charges.

The table below shows you the recomended levels for the key water parameters in a reef aquarium, below the table I have given some extra information on the different types of level, and why they are important.


Nano Reef Fish

Nano Reef FishChoosing the right fish for your nano reef deserves quite a bit of consideration. Not only do you want to make sure that you have striking stock, but you need to consider other options, such as whether the fish is going to be happy in such a small environment and whether it will get along with any other inhabitants that you choose.

While there is always a temptation, especially among new comers to the hobby to purchase the first fish that their eyes and interests are drawn to, it may not always be the best choice. This article will give you some ideas on great nano reef fish, that will be happy in the smaller aquarium, and will make it look great to!


Why you should join ReefSpace

Join ReefSpaceReefSpace is a new and growing online community dedicated to Marine Fishkeeping, If you keep a marine tank, then a ReefSpace profile is a great thing to have. It gives you a central place to keep all of your reef statistcis and photos. You can keep track of your reef aquarium parameters and track them over time via a beautiful graph interface.

You can upload as many images as you want, so building an indepth gallery of your reef can be done with ease. You can also keep a record of the different creatures that live in your tank, all of the stock items are linked via an intuitive tagging feature, so if we have details of the creature in the database, it will be linked automatically!

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